What Profession Has The Highest Rate Of Divorce

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Divorce Rates by Profession | Lex Fridman

27 Jul A new graph shows how divorce rates differ among different jobs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, actuaries, who deal with risk assessment, have the lowest divorce rate. 27 Sep In a recent report, randspringer.info (with a nod to Nathan Yau at FlowingData) ranked the top 30 professions in the U.S. that have the highest divorce rates. Massage therapists? Check. Bartenders? Check. Find out if your job is among the biggest marriage-busters. A note about the data: randspringer.info's. Unfortunately, work can also have negative consequences that spill over into our personal lives. One of the worst side effects of a job is when it interferes with marriages, and certain jobs are more likely to lead to divorce than others. The following 10 jobs have the highest divorce rates, and you may be surprised by some of.

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But have you in all cases thought about the effect your develop might have on your relationship with your significant other?

Some jobs appearance of naturally more conceivable to cause scraping.

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  • 6 Sep If you're more of a gambler, you might roll the dice with alliance to a casino manager—gaming managers experience the highest divide rate, at all but 53%. As Yau observes, higher-salary professions like surgeons and scientists tend to have lower disunion rates than lower-salary professions, like phone.

Firefighter, military personnel and airline run all show up on Forbes record of the greater stressful jobs ofbut do not happen on the Statista list of the 15 jobs with the highest separate rate.

So what are the games with the highest divorce rates?

What Profession Has The Highest Charge Of Divorce

That category tops the list, with a divorce rate of

16 Oct A recent report on which occupations have the highest and lowest divorce rates intrigued us. The study analyzed data from the American Community Survey, and, based on the number of people in a particular occupation who had married at least once, calculated the percentage of people who. 5 Dec Here's a look at which occupations are linked to a high divorce rate, as well as some theories about why these jobs might put your marriage at risk. For example, you might guess that high-stress jobs are bad for relationships, but that's not always the case. Firefighter, military personnel and airline pilot all show up on Forbes list of the most stressful jobs of , but do not appear on the Statista list of the 15 jobs with the highest divorce rate. So what are the careers with.

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